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About the Society
From the sands of Egypt to the dense jungles of the Amazon, from the vibrant streets of Rome to the frozen Poles, traces of history lay waiting to be found. Archaeologists, explorers, and adventurers have traveled the world seeking these relics for centuries. The Pini Society was once a gathering of these brave people—and the many others who, through work as historians, translators, and engineers, supported their endeavors.

After its founding in 1854, the Society sponsored many such endeavors over many decades. Our members’ accomplishments include: discovering the source of the Nile, translating the Epic of Gilgamesh, finding the lost city of Machu Picchu, reaching the North and South Poles for the first time, and unlocking the tomb of King Tutankhamen—among many others. Our members devoted their lives to seeking out mankind’s lost treasures and unlocking their mysteries. We advanced the science of archaeology, and protected countless finds from grave robbers and profiteers. Our translators and researchers made great strides in understanding the history of many cultures.

After almost one hundred years, the Pini Society became dormant for a variety of reasons. Now, though, the time has come for a new Pini Society, committed to the same beliefs as always, but now using new technologies to enable our members to learn more, discover more, and collaborate more than ever in the past. Just as we worked with legendary explorers in the past to discover and protect unique artifacts, we hope to discover a different sort of resource on the frontier of the internet. We hope to bring people together in the endeavor of delving into our shared history.

Just as in the past, forces are out there trying to rob us all of our historic treasures, or else destroy them out of greed or ignorance. The knowledge of history is power, and the Pini Society believes that this power both belongs to, and can best be discovered by, the cooperative efforts of all like-minded people. We hope you enjoy learning more about us, and perhaps, if you have the passion, we will see you among the ranks of our honored members.